4 Ways to Become More Eco-Friendly

Becoming eco-friendly has become more of a trend over the past few years. More people have recognized the increasing need to be conscious of reducing their carbon and their global footprints. This can be done by replacing products with evironmentally friendlier options or by adjusting behaviors. Here are a few ways to easily become more eco-friendly in your life.

Buy solar powered

Instead of wasting money on electricity,replacing certain items with solar-powered versions can save money in the long run. Swapping the lights outside your home for solar powered ones can be a good investment. The sun can power them during the day and then have them work through the night. Attic fans, motion detectors, cell phone chargers and more can be solar-powered, but if you are looking for a bigger impact changing larger appliances, or even your car, can save the most money and make your global footprint smaller.

Driven to pollute less

If buying all new items or replacing larger appliances is not in the budget, you still can make an impact with small changes. Driving slower, keeping tires inflated, carpooling, biking or taking public transit can help save fuel and cut pollution.

Water conscious

Be sure to conserve water to save cost and the environment. This can be done in simple ways such as shutting off the shower when lathering, washing dishes by hand and saving the dish water for watering plants, not letting faucets run, taking low-flow short showers, and planting native plants or plants that don’t need a lot of watering.

Upgrade the heat pump

Upgrading your heat pump to a ductless heat pump in order to have an efficient heating system for your home or office. It saves money and the environment. With a ductless heat pump, the warm air will be directed into a room without ducts to reduce wasted energy in unused rooms. There is also a short installation period, so that the return on the investments and savings can be seen much sooner.

Small changes to your behavior and to your home can help you be more environmentally friendly, without much effort, and larger upgrades will help more long term on your bills and the environment.

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