4 Ways Geeks & Gamers Work Out

Forget the stereotype of the overweight geek munching on chips and chugging Mountain Dew. There are certainly some geeks and gamers like that, just like there are certain lawyers, doctors, and CEOs like that. The truth is that fitness, well-being and eating better are (slowly) trends that are being re-embraced by Americans as a whole. Plus, there are many ways geeks and gamers are naturally attracted to working out, even if it might not look like the most popular of fitness crazes.

Yes, there are geeks who spring for personal trainers, go hard core at CrossFit or even become amateur boxers. However, many of them trudge along at the gym or get on that Couch to 5K Program instead of going all out (just like everyone else). However, there are a few natural landscapes for geeks to get fit that many people overlook:

1. LARPing

If you’ve ever tried LARPing (live action roleplaying) you know that it can be intense. After all, you’re mimicking major battle scenes where running, cross training, jumping, sparring and jousting are common. On Lifehack’s tips for actually enjoying your workout, finding what you love plays a major role. If you love LARPing, you’re going to keep doing it and if you have cycling, that’ll be a short-lived affair.

2. Wii

The Wii might be waning in popularity, but it still has a loyal following. Even if you don’t pick up an exercise-specific game (Fitness Blender offers the ultimate ranking), there are many games that give you a workout but might be first person shooter, driving games, dance games or fall into a plethora of other categories.

3. That whole hand-eye coordination thing is true

Some people use those wrist strengtheners at their desk, others use barbells at the gym to flex their wrists, hands and forearms. Many gamers do the exact same thing depending on their platform, games and skills but it’s not seen as a workout since they’re having fun doing it. It’s time to change that perception and recognize that, yes, hand-eye coordination and hand strength is important.

4. There’s more to “fitness” than just physical

Who do you think has a healthier mind: Someone who tucks into a game of Dungeons and Dragons with their friends for a couple of hours, or someone who vegges out on Seinfeld reruns for a few hours? Imagination, creativity, storytelling, and socializing lead to better mental, emotional and spiritual health than a lot of other options.

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