4 Video Sites to Be On

Whether you’re all over Vine or stick with what you know (ahem, YouTube), social media and marketing have gone video and you need to be on that bandwagon. It doesn’t matter if you craft Star Wars replica cakes and ship nationally or if you simply want to keep up with the latest toys, tools and gadgets. Studies have shown that Americans are increasingly interested in video-based content, and that’s where the latest news can be found.

Many small businesses are (fortunately) finally using YouTube as a means of marketing, but there’s a plethora of other platforms available. Here are some of the leading video-based sites to look into whether you’re a business or a consumer. Is one of them a better fit for your needs?

1. Vine

This is the Twitter of video-based social media with each video only allowing for six seconds (of course, many people make Vine “series” to get around that). However, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to tap into the demographics who don’t have an extra second to spare. Just keep in mind that from a business’ perspective, mixing high quality with just six seconds can be a challenge.

2. UStream

While the name clearly implies a YouTube knockoff, that isn’t the case at all. This platform offers HD quality, no ads, and streams to any type of device around the world. In fact, it’s been reported that UStream has even partnered with the likes of HBO and Starbucks. It delivers quality in video mode and that’s exactly what consumers want.

3. LiveLeak

This platform gathers all the latest video news from around the world to provide breaking coverage. Enjoy a series of tabs to select exactly what kind of news you want, head to the chat rooms to break down the latest videos and take advantage of a flawlessly designed mobile version on the go. With mobile readiness trending (and for good reason), and tips all over the web on how to do it, it only makes sense that the best video platforms should have this in the bag.

4. Twitch

This is the ultimate global video platform designed just for gamers. It has over 45 million users/gamers logging on every month for entertainment, connecting with others and generally keeping up with the latest gaming trends. No video list is complete without marrying gamers and video platforms, the perfect match in this image-centric landscape.


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