4 Toys to Buy With Your Tax Refund

While saving and investing is always a good idea, don’t forget to include some fun in your life. There are plenty of in-demand toys for 2014 that won’t break the bank, but you need to have one to get your geek on.

Taxes can be stressful enough unless you have a pro handling the details for you. Make the most of your return by retaining someone.

And if you’re wondering what to do with that tax refund (assuming you got one), consider adding at least one of these toys to your life. They’ll last longer than a vacation, with plenty left to sock away for a rainy day.

1. Aquabots

HEXBUG is known for dreaming up robot insects, and Aquabots are its latest offering. These tiny insects live underwater and basically perform all the functions of a goldfish (but with a much longer lifespan).

Simply put them in an aquarium — or any body of water — then watch them dive and swim around. They sleep on their own after five minutes to save on battery consumption, but you can simply wake them up by tapping on the glass. (Good luck getting the kids trained on when and when not to tap.)

2. GeoWorld T. Rex

Originally designed only as a store display, this incredible T. Rex is a kid’s dream come true. The princely price tag of $6,000 might give some pause, however.

On the other hand, the hypothetical insurance payout for an untoward incident might help balance things out for you. If owning a dinosaur has always been a fantasy, this may be the closest you’re likely to get.

3. DIWire

Pensa Labs is behind this creation of 3D print technology. It’s an innovative approach to desktop manufacturing, and one of the best 3D options on the market.

Using straight metal rods as the foundation, you can “copy” a number of art pieces and even movable objects. There are already many printers currently on the market, so make sure you select a quality one.

4. MiP

Short for Mobile Inverted Pendulum, this little robot has two wheels and has perfected the art of balancing. It can bring you a drink, dance, and even shadowbox (without the high insurance premiums you’d need if you trained to enter the ring as a professional fighter).

Everyone deserves a little geeky fun in their lives, especially heading into the summer months when the kids will have endless time on their hands. Spend wisely, but go ahead and indulge a little, too.


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