4 Tips for Gifting a Smartphone


Presenting someone with a smartphone as a gift is a great gesture, but only if you choose the “right” one. That can be a challenge, especially if you find a great bargain but don’t really know what the recipient would prefer. smartphones

These days, choosing a smartphone is almost as dicey as choosing underwear: It’s a very personal possession, and everyone has his or her must-have features and/or a strong opinion regarding Android vs. Apple.

However, if you have your heart set on this present, there are some tips to keep in mind.

First, you have to really know the person well in order to pull this off. The exception is if you’re buying for a child or teen, in which case they’re probably not going to be as picky; they’ll simply be happy to have a new smartphone.

Otherwise, here’s your cheat sheet for information on getting the right phone.

1. Check out the person’s current phone

Most people who use Apple or Android want to stick with it, so that narrows the selection down. Take note of the general size (too big or too little may be a problem), color scheme, and any interesting features such as a keyboard in lieu of the common touchscreen.

People choose these items for a reason.

2. Fish for information

Discussing someone’s phone is a very common topic of conversation, and the recipient-to-be will likely be none the wiser if you ask how he or she likes the current phone. This is a great way to get information.

People might even tell you what they have in mind for an upgrade. If you ask for recommendations for yourself, you’re likely to find out which phone(s) they’re dreaming of.

3. Shop wisely

Don’t go straight to the nearest carrier store to grab a bargain; you’re not doing yourself any favors when you’re shopping for someone else.


Instead, study the best online smartphone sites for great deals. Just make sure they have a fair return policy so your recipient isn’t stuck with a phone that wasn’t exactly what they wanted.


4. Approach it from their perspective, not yours

This is a common problem no matter what the gift: It’s too easy to shop for yourself, more challenging to shop from someone else’s point of view.

Just because you like a white phone, for example, doesn’t mean other folks will. Maybe they hate that makeup so easily becomes visible on it, or perhaps they simply prefer pops of color.

When you’re shopping for a gift smartphone, tread carefully and don’t be afraid to dig for information. Who knows what you’ll uncover?

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