4 Things to Ask Yourself about your Criminal Attorney

Right now it doesn’t matter if you are guilty or innocent. You need to stop looking at your criminal defense case like that; switch gears and start looking at getting rid of the charges and clearing your name. In order to do so, you need to ask yourself four important questions. The answer to those questions will help you decide if you have the best lawyer you can get and if you are giving your future the best chance it has.

1. How much can you spend?

What amount of money can you invest in your future?  Remember, no matter how big or small the crime, you will be affected by it for some time. In fact, it can affect your entire future. The ability you have to find a job, get credit, or even housing can be altered by the results of your case. This isn’t the time to scrimp.

The lawyer’s experience will also determine how much they will charge. If the attorney is well-versed in your type of case, you will most likely pay a little more for their services. It’s worth it. Also, if the lawyer has a large rate of success, he or she has earned the right to charge more.

2. How much experience does the lawyer have?

The perfect combination in a defense lawyer would be one that has plenty of history with successful criminal law cases and a history of working on the prosecution’s side. This combination of experiences allows a defense lawyer the ability to see the case from both angles. This lawyer will know the ins and outs of the situation much better than one that has only experience with one side of the law.

3. How much time does the lawyer have for you?

A good lawyer will be busy, but they should always make time for you, as a clients. Ask your lawyer if you can call at any point and be updated on your case. If that seems to fluster the lawyer or you get an answer that doesn’t reassure you, you may need to find a different lawyer.

4. How big of a firm is the lawyer with?

There are both good and bad points to being associated with a small or large law firm. WIth the small firm, you’ll always have personalized attention. Everyone who works there will know your name. Usually a smaller firm can be counted on to respond to you quickly.

A large firm offers the advantage of having an imposing reputation. Because of their size, large firms have more resources available to them. Simply put, they have more money and more people who can look at your individual case and create a plan to defend you.

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