4 Technological Advances Made in Pest Control

As advanced and forward-thinking as Americans have become, they will still scream at the sight of a cockroach. Pest control is a necessary evil in America, and professional pest controllers do their jobs so you don’t have to have any run-ins with those cockroaches. Unfortunately, there are thousands more pests besides cockroaches, everything from mice wrecking your insulation, to termites destroying your home’s stability.

Pest control has made great strides with technology in recent years and is making the process much more environmentally-friendly. Included here are a few technological advances made with pest control in recent years.

Active Monitoring

In the past, many pest control traps have had to rely on synthetic insect pheromones to attract pests. Active Monitoring uses advanced detection capabilities to locate pests and draw them out of your facility. Utilizing carbon dioxide, heat and scent technologies, active monitoring will allow you to find and dispel pests far more quickly than previous methods.

Odor Neutralizing

Everyone knows that garbage cans can attract mice, raccoons and insects, but did you know you can help dull the attractant? New technologies in odor neutralizing can help prevent odors from becoming obvious to pests and keep them from setting up shop in your garage. Odor neutralizers work by using bacteria, proteins, negative ions and even ozone to bind the pollutants and remove them from the air.

Heat Treatments

If you have ever known the struggle of trying to eradicate a pest from a well-secured nest, you know that hard-to-reach places may never seem clear of pests. Fortunately, with modern heat treatment technology, you can eradicate pests from their dens once and for all.

Heat treatment works by utilizing a portable heater and duct system to bring pest havens to a high temperature for a set period of time, resulting in all pests deep within the nest being cooked. This system is effective in removing pests from difficult areas like furniture and electronics.

Heat treatment works well to not only eradicate pests, but sanitize your home in other ways. This treatment is fantastic at removing mold, bacteria, and viruses while killing unpleasant odors. The only downside to heat treatments is that they may take up to a day to complete, contrary to other methods, but will work in scenarios where traditional methods are not feasible.

Information Supplied

With all of these technological advances in pest control, it makes sense that the pest industry has developed a handheld device to manage infestations and maintain clean facilities. These small devices all pest controllers to track facility control and keep accurate records of previous treatments and methods used. This device is especially helpful when monitoring pesticide usage and effectiveness.

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