4 Reasons to Consider a Career in the IT Field


A survey conducted by job site Monster showed that nine out of ten job seekers would consider a career change and almost half are working to change careers. Since according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment will grow by close 40 percent or more by 2020 in this area, it is likely that many of these people will land in the Information Technology (IT) field.

Why Choose IT?

There are four big reasons that information technology, usually called IT, is the field of choice for many workers looking to make a career change. There is a wide number of choices in IT jobs and the technology keeps changing. The field is always advancing. Consider software and technology when the internet first started and compare it to what is available today. Mobiles are replacing laptops and desktops. The Internet of Things is getting publicity. IT is a good choice for those that like variety.

The demand is high and getting higher. Companies from hospitals to banks, small businesses to large corporations need IT personnel. This makes it easy to move from one company and environment to another. It is a job that earns the respect of consumers who are constant users of electronics. Technology impacts individuals, companies, government and institutions. It is a complex field that is difficult to understand. People not well versed in IT have a great deal of respect for people who understand how to operate electronics and devise apps. IT work is both challenging and stimulating. Figuring out how to solve complicated problems involving electronics, mobiles and software is difficult work. It leads to high job satisfaction when a person can successfully deal with the challenges and deadlines.

How To Make the Transition

The more skills experience a person has, the wider range of choices will be open to him. For most people, this means getting more training. If a worker has a degree in math or science, he or she is ahead of the game. It is easier to pick up the knowledge that is included in the classes required for a Master’s degree in information technology and computer science, which are available both online and at universities. If a person doesn’t have a degree, he still has many options that will help him secure a good job in technology. The basic skills needed include learning HTML, knowing how to use and install Linux, becoming proficient in one of the many computer languages like Java, getting up to speed with the basics of databases, and developing skills for security with networks and computers.

A person can learn these skills online at a much more affordable price. Many sites offer a range of training that expands on these basics and that leads to certifications that are in demand by employers. There are many sites that let students choose from an array of IT paths. They can take classes when their schedule allows, using their own laptops or desktops. Online classes are generally less expensive than those taught at schools.

Learn by Doing

The field of information technology is vast, with many specialties. After a person learns the basics, he may not be sure what area he wants to concentrate on. Before spending money on further training, a person should use his skills to get a feel for the different types of jobs. There are three ways to learn by doing.

One of the best is to volunteer for a nonprofit. This is also a great way to build a resume. Another method is to build websites for themselves and for friends. Using it to blog about an interest helps a person gain experience and also show prospective employers his initiative. Joining one of the many Open Source projects online has several benefits. This lets people new to the field interact with experienced coders and learn the technologies in demand. And it looks great on their resume.

There are many people thinking of moving into information technology. It can be an excellent career choice, with high pay, lots of variety and big demand.

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