4 Online Casinos Where the Players Can Earn Real Money

Playing around with online poker and slots can be fun, but it’s also possible to make some real money doing so. Of course, just like real gambling (because that’s what it is), gamblers should never bet what they can’t stand to lose. It can be addicting, it should only be played for fun and all of the routine gambling rules still apply.

However, for those who are interested in testing Lady Luck’s mood, here are four online casinos that pay out in real cold, hard cash–or at least they’ll transfer it to your bank account. There’s no reason to brave the smoke-filled casinos or book that trip to Vegas when the excitement of gambling (for real) is just a click away.

An Impressive Jackpot

Slotland is a favorite site for many players with the jackpot hovering right around $250,000. As one of the longest-running online casinos, Slotland’s reputation counts for a lot. They get bonus points because no downloads are required and the site keeps responsive design in mind. In other words, it doesn’t matter if players have an ancient Macbook or a brand new all-in-one computer; glitches are frowned upon here.

Another favorite is Tower Gaming because of the sheer variety and popularity. This site boasts card and table games, sports betting, video poker, slots, arcade games and even a gambling school. Players can talk to other gamblers around the world 24/7 directly.

Still Not the Right Fit?

Club World USA is ranked number one by casino.co because of its 120 games, lucky $777 bonus and years of experience. A leader in online gaming for real cash since 2004, this site prides itself on reliable customer support and regular, sweet jackpots.

The final four of the best in online gambling is Silver Oak Casino. This site is geared towards a safe, fun environment for every gambler regardless of experience. “Industry veterans” are behind Silver Oak and their promise of lightning-fast deposits when players win is a big draw. Of course, the $10,000 bonus is nothing to scoff at either.

The Spread of Online Gambling

The question of when gambling online is going to go mainstream and be available in all states is a hot topic. Companies are eager to make a buck off of this popular pastime, and so far three states have fully legalized it. It’s going to take some time to get through all the red tape, but there’s no doubt that there’s a huge market for gambling on smartphones and anywhere else players may want to give it a whirl.

Being able to win a jackpot from a laptop, complete with a fast cash deposit, definitely has its perks. Only time will tell when–and if–all 50 states jump on the bandwagon. Until then, players can check out these top exciting sites and see how Lady Luck is feeling.

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