4 of the Coolest Dental Apps

There are apps for just about anything these days. You can download apps for music, travel, and even apps for dentists.

Yes, you heard that right: there are many applications specifically for information concerning dentists and dental practices. Some of these cater to dental professionals, while others are designed to help patients understand various aspects of dentistry, and answer questions that might linger in their minds on the way to a dental appointment.

Regardless of the reason, here are four very cool dental apps that you might find suitably fascinating and useful.

1. Find a Dentist

This simple app does just what it says: it finds a dentist. Your insurance company only pays for certain doctors and dentists, and this app will help you locate dental professionals that are approved by your provider.

The application also locates the dentist’s office and lets you know the best route to get there. This neat little gadget does all sorts of things to provide everything you need to know before a dental exam.

2. Teeth Whitening Tips

This handy little app can be used with or without a dental exam. You can utilize the teeth whitening tips in this app to learn about how to remove discoloration caused by coffee drinking or cigarette smoking.

Sometimes you might feel a desire to lighten teeth that already have a healthy color. This app provides tips and advice to complement whatever your dentist tells you about teeth whitening.

3. Tooth Brushing Motivator

Perfect for children, this app will serve as a reminder for regular tooth brushing. Many children have trouble remembering to take care of their teeth, but they shouldn’t have to worry if they use this smart device app. This innovational little application lets the user know how long teeth should be brushed.

4. Overcome Fear of the Dentist

This app helps you to reprogram how you think when you visit the dentist. Many patients are so frightened by dental appointments that they simply fail to show up — repeatedly. Filled with various therapeutic practices, this app will help to alleviate your fears and do what you need to do.

Yes, there are indeed applications for just about everything. These dental apps are among the most sensible ever invented. From getting your children to brush their teeth to providing tips on tooth and gum care, these apps have done wonders for the dental profession and for society as a whole.

Even military service people overseas who need mobile dental care can make use of these ingenious apps.

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