4 Neat and Unexpected Uses for Remote Desktop Software

Did you know that you could control another computer from another location, just like a kid controls a remote control truck from afar? This technology can play an interesting role in both your personal and professional life. Not only can you check your home and office computer files from anywhere with mobile devices, you can also access and use a super powerful computer remotely from a much cheaper computer. Take a look at these creative and unique uses for remote desktop software.

Troubleshooting Family Computers

If your parents and other older family members own computers and mobile gadgets, it’s likely that they have contacted you, seeking help with daily tech tasks. Sometimes they hit roadblocks that they can’t seem to get around, no matter how hard you try to talk them through the issue over the phone. Setting up remote software between your family member’s computer and your home machine gives you the flexibility of just signing on to see the problem and move past it.

Streaming Media

Our mobile technologies give us limited access to media – some file types are not supported by cellphones or tablets. For example, you’re not able to view Flash content on iOS devices. Remote desktop can save the day, allowing you to access content on your computer and view it anywhere from your mobile devices. This can be perfect if you’re desperate to watch streaming video of a game or TV show, but it is currently unavailable for your tech platform.

Extended Storage

If your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and other mobile technology starts running out of storage space, then start loading files onto your home or office desktop computers instead. You can always remote connect to these desktops and access the files you need. This is especially awesome if you work with extremely large files, such as long film clip or professional photography formats.

Collaborating on Files

Imagine being able to work on major projects from home. Depending on the task, you might be able to do this with few technical issues. If you are able to remotely access your work computer, then you can likely access shared documents on work servers and virtual machines. Just make sure to ask your IT department for permission first!

Remote desktop software allows us to escape the boundaries of our hardware and location. We’re able to sign onto computers with greater power, hard drive space, and capabilities. This technology is especially useful for telecommuters and employees who must travel frequently.

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