4 Natural Cures for a Baby’s Stomachache

It’s very common for babies to have occasional stomachaches. These stomachaches can have many causes from hunger to gas to foods their mother may have eaten. Minor stomach problems will cause a small amount of discomfort in a baby but luckily, for every cause of stomach problems there is a cure

Light Massage and Warm Bath

A parent lightly massaging their baby’s tummy can help gas bubbles, you can learn more about gas bubbles and colic at ColicCalm.com, which may be the cause of their discomfort, move more easily through their system. Giving your baby a warm bath along with a massage can make this treatment even more effective; warm water will help a baby to relax which helps gas bubbles to move along even easier.

Solutions with Bottlefeeding and Formula

If you notice your child experiencing an upset stomach at certain times, such as before or after feedings, their discomfort may be caused by gulping thier formula or even the type of formula itself.  If a child becomes too hungry between feedings, this can cause them to gulp their formula which may cause them to ingest air. This can result in an upset stomach. If this is the cause of your baby’s stomachache then the solution is simple, feed your baby more frequently or whenever they seem hungry. If you do this though, be careful that your baby doesn’t overeat as this can be cause for another stomachache. If this solution doesn’t work then it’s possible that the type of formula your baby eats could be causing their upset stomach. In this case, you should talk to a doctor and ask them to recommend a different formula.

Solutions for Brestfed Babies

Just like a bottlefed baby, a breastfed baby can get a stomachache from gulping air. This can be fixed by burping your baby during a feeding.  But breastfed babies can also suffer from a stomachache by reacting to any food their mother might eat which passes through the breastmilk. Basically, anything that can make an adult naseous or gassy can do the same for a baby. If burping a baby during a feeding doesn’t relive their stomachache then it’s likely that the baby is reacting to foods eaten. If this is the case, make a list of foods you have eaten before your baby has a stomachache and eliminate anything that’s likely to be causing the problem. These foods may include dairy, cabbage, caffine, and strong spices.


Holding a baby facedown on your forearm or knees while gently patting their back can help them burp or move along gas bubbles. Simply swaddling them and holding them close also helps the baby relax.

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