4 Latest Tech Gadgets Real Estate Investors Need

Are you interested in flipping a property or think there are certain sections of Detroit worth another look? The days of real estate agents and investors depending on in-person curb appeal and brochures alone are over. Now you can check out a property from the other side of the world and get a pretty accurate idea of what your investment looks like. However, you need the right technology at hand to do so.

Consider one of these state of the art tech gadgets to make your next real estate investment as smooth as possible. Don’t have time to zip over to Limon in Costa Rica to see a beach house in person? That’s no problem. With the advent of tech in 2014, you can enjoy the next best thing:

1. Drones

They’re not just for the military (or kids’ toys) anymore. Drones are revered in the real estate industry because they offer aerial photos for a fraction of the price helicopter photographers demand. You can pick up a drone of decent quality for just a couple hundred dollars, and many of them feature admirable flight times and heights. If you want to see a real bird’s eye view of a property, it’s easy to do so.

2. 3D printers

Are you more of a touch-type learner than solely visual? Printing a 3D mini version of a property lets you touch and tell whether or not this is the right property for you. Can’t really see how the exterior spiral staircase fits against the architecture or how the breakfast nook addition works flush against the patio? This gives you a better idea (and plus it’s a fun souvenir).

3. Automated homes

From turning on the fireplace before walking in the door to controlling music in every room of the house, automated homes are the next big thing. Recently, the most expensive house in all of British history sold, largely because it was as automated as possible. The good news is that the kinks and bugs have been largely worked out of the first automation systems, so you can now enjoy better (lasting) results and a higher asking price when you list.

4. Cloud tech

From sharing legal documents with your partners overseas to making sure everyone in your group can edit the latest real estate listing, cloud tech, storage and file sharing has made offices virtual. Now you can relax at your own holiday house in Hawaii while dealing with a short sale in New York.

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