4 Indispensible Apps for Home Decorating

Purchasing a home or signing the lease on an apartment is a major milestone in your life. Next you’ll want to decorate your new digs with furnishings that are both stylish and long-lasting.

Most of us have to admit that interior design doesn’t come naturally, however. Instead of wasting hours roaming the aisles of home décor stores and creating a piecemeal look, you could plan the look of your new home on your cellphone or tablet.

Take a look at these four addictive apps that will help you put together the perfect living space.

1. SnapShop Showroom

If you’re not spatially adept, it can be difficult to visualize how furnishings will look in your new dwelling. Luckily, apps such as SnapShop Showroom replicate the rooms in your home on screen, so you can fill it with virtual representations of the furniture you’re interested in buying.

This will give you a pretty good idea of the cohesive look. While new curtains and couches might look ideal in the catalog listing, you might discover that their colors clash when you assemble a showroom version with this handy mobile app.

2. Houzz

One of the coolest things about Houzz is that you get to see what’s already worked for other home decorators around the world. Contractors, interior designers, and other home improvement professionals showcase their greatest hits on Houzz, so you can draw inspiration from thousands of beautiful existing homes.

The Houzz app lets you sort by room types, so you can see finished bathrooms, offices, entertainment rooms, and other types of spaces.

3. Apple’s Compass

Did you know that Apple’s native Compass app comes with a built-in leveling tool? It can help you hang fixtures so they’re straight and perfectly balance flat surfaces such as tabletops and counters.

Just open the iOS Compass app, and swipe to the right. Set your phone down on any surface. Once it reads a perfect 0 degrees, you’ll know it’s flat!

4. Pinterest

This is the ultimate app for creating a look book of your favorite home décor pieces. You and your social media friends can share and collect visually stunning photos of furniture, window decorations, and color palettes.

One of the greatest features of Pinterest is the amount of exposure you get to new ideas and hot decorating tips. You can even set your own trends!

For example, if you come across the ideal bentwood seating for your home, you can share photos with a broad audience as well as your friends on Pinterest.

What are you waiting for? Home decorating apps can help you find furnishings that fit your new space beautifully. Snag these apps right away and start planning our your dream home!

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