4 Geekiest Weddings to Inspire You

The most important day of your life (so far) should be “completely” you and your other half. For geeky couples, they might not be into the more traditional wedding favors, decorations and themes. Luckily, there aren’t any rules that say you have to have a certain kind of flower (or flowers at all!) as a bouquet or a classic plain three-tiered cake. Start by choosing a venue that you adore, regardless of how traditional it may be, and let it set the stage.

Need a little inspiration? Check out these geeky couples who have set the light saber high when it comes to geek chic weddings:

1. Kristin and Zachary

This couple let their family and friends know about their upcoming nuptials via Nintendo cartridge invitations. At the wedding, they sported Doctor Who shoes and guests gave their best in a Star Wars guestbook. They opted for a LEGO cake, but Mashable offers up a number of other geeky options to get you salivating. Complete with Butterbeer and a first kiss Xbox achievement, this was one wedding no guest will ever forget.

2. Kelly and Nathan

These two mega gamers got married with “With this click, I thee wed.” Somewhere between virtual reality and “real” reality, these two tied the knot at the Sony Online Entertainment Faire in Las Vegas. They’re especially into “Everquest,” so it’s no surprise that the bridal procession featured Everquest characters (although Darth Vader also made an appearance). It wasn’t just Kelly and Nathan who were married, but also their characters Lady Quaddra and Lord Garthan.

3. Sian and Rupert

Plenty of weddings have fairytale-esque qualities, but this couple took it to the next level. Obsessed with the medieval times, this wedding featured a white mare and a wedding dress with 270 feet of silk (which puts the dresses in BuzzFeed’s top celeb weddings to shame), a literal knight in shining armor complete with $20,000 hand-forged brass, and a truly authentic medieval ceremony. It was held at Lulworth Castle in Dorset, UK and a number of guests flaunted their own handmade costumes as they snacked on era-appropriate fare.

4. The Walking Wed

Zombie themed weddings are so common these days you can’t even narrow it down to a handful of couples. It goes perfectly for a Halloween-timed wedding but it calls into question that whole “’til death do we part’” business.

No matter what kind of geeky hobby you have, find your own way to incorporate it into your wedding. As long as you and your other half love it, that’s all that matters.


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