4 Gadgets to Help Geeks Stay Organized

Geeks are notorious for being messy, and that’s a reputation that’s not always well-earned. However, when you have endless gadgets, cables, collectible action figures, USB drives and MTG card to keep in order, it’s easy to see how messy happens. However, you don’t need to start geeking out on Martha Stewart to enjoy a maintained, neat man or woman cave. There are plenty of geek-friendly organizers and gadgets to help you keep everything organized and in line.

1. Grid-It Ultimate Organizer

The ultimate organization system, this one is designed for geeks who want to be chic, not business executives. This versatile system features rubber elastics, so you simply pull up on an elastic to grab your gizmo. Designed to carry digicams, smartphones, iPods, tablets, charging cables and everything else you need, it can be configured to fit your specifications. Plus, the Grid-It elastics are strong enough to hold even the most awkward and heaviest of gadgets.

2. Live, Laugh, Be Geeky Folio Planner

This is a favorite of the geeky folios available, featuring secure zip pockets on the outside and pockets on the inside, too. Based in San Francisco, this eco-minded company (2GeekyGirls) is all about made in America while embracing your geeky side. It’s understated, so you won’t be embarrassed to pull it out in a board meeting, but provides just the right amount of flair so you can be you no matter where you need to jot down notes.

3. Beets

The self-described music organizer for geeks, Beets puts an end to the hassle of managing your music for good. Instantly and easily catalog collections, optimize metadata with MusicBrainz, and get access to a variety of tools and plug-ins to customize your playlists. Any and all formats are welcome, libraries are auto managed, and you can browse your collections via any browser as long as HTML5 Audio is supported.

4. USB Flower Hub

It’s just what it sounds like: A hub (or garden if you like) of USB cables designed to look like flowers. Created by SeeJaneWork, it matches affordability with great looks. You might not be able to go totally wireless quite yet, but why not make those wires look good? With a flower hub sprouting from your electronics, you can embrace your feminine and geeky side at the same time.

Buck the stereotypes and show everyone that geeks can be neat, as long as the right tools are available.

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