4 Fun and Nerdy Cosmetics Cases

Here’s a great opportunity to showcase your favorite fandoms: a makeup bag or cosmetic case adorned with your favorite nerdy characters can be the perfect everyday accessory.

There are several TV show, video game, and comic book franchises with their own branded makeup accessories. Carry it everywhere with you. It’ll be a great conversation starter.

This can also be a great go-to gift for your geeky loved ones. Here’s four sure-fire winners.

Captain America

After the theatrical release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it seemed like no one could get enough of this superhero, as portrayed by the hunky Chris Evans. Pay homage to this Marvel character by picking up a Captain America makeup bag for your everyday beauty needs.

If you’re looking to fill it with themed superhero makeup, try to pack some star-shaped eye glitter, blue shadow, and red eyebrow pencils for a truly patriotic look.


This is the perfect blend of form and function. Open up Optimus Prime and watch him transform to reveal all your must-have beauty essentials, including foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow palettes, and makeup remover.

You can explore entire casts of arielbots, autobots, technobots, and throttlebot accessories.

Periodic Table of Elements

Your favorite cosmetics wouldn’t be possible without the perfect blend of chemicals. A makeup case decorated with the periodic table of elements can be the perfect gift for a science-minded cosmetics fan.

Challenge yourself to find a case that lists all the groups and periods of the full table, so that the case can double as a handy reference guide. The next time you take a chemistry course, you’ll be able to distinguish lanthanides and actinides swiftly from the rest of the table.

Adventure Time

Are you looking for a mathematical gift for a fan of this Cartoon Network hit and its wacky characters? Pick up a makeup case decorated with Finn and Jake hijinks and head out on your next quest.

You can also pay homage to the fluffy and adorable Lumpy Space Princess as you holler, “Lump off!” to anyone who gets in your way.

These novelty makeup bags can brighten your day by enabling you to showcase your favorite fandoms and maintain your beauty products. Keep your health and beauty supplies in order, so they’re not floating around in your pockets or purses.

Express your inner geek with some of these fun cosmetics cases, or purchase them as gifts for makeup-obsessed loved ones.


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