4 Fabulous Eco-Friendly Furniture Options

In the market for new furniture, but hate the way big name furniture factories are hurting the environment with their waste and man-made products? You’re not the only one. Several furniture designers have also taken in interest in creating furniture that is attractive and modern and that allows you to have a clean conscience post purchase.

If you’re just entering the “green” furniture realm, there are a few things to look for. Perhaps the most popular type of furniture is recycled furniture, and no that doesn’t mean buying a chair secondhand. Designers have sought to create furniture pieces from any recyclable material, ranging from plastic to wood.

Furniture is also considered natural if it is made out of natural materials, such as bamboo and hemp. Though killing trees is not the ultimate goal for the environment, there are more environmentally friendly ways to do it than others. Look for the way the wood was harvested to begin with. If it is considered friendly for the environment, it will be SFI or FSC certified, and that’s always the best sign.

If you want furniture that will match your modern decor without harming what’s really important, check out this list of 10 eco-friendly pieces.

1. Zipper-Stripe Biscuit Sofa

This elegant sofa is cream in color with subtle, beige stripes running vertically along the upholstery. The style is considered traditional-contemporary and could be used to match a multitude of themes. It’s made in the United States using SFI harvested hardwoods. The cushions are made of soy and recycled springs.

2. Pacifica Bed

This entirely upholstered bed frame from Environment Furniture is the perfect way to spice up any bedroom. The upholstery, made in the natural color of your choice, gives the edges of the frame and headboard a soft, approachable look. The fabric is made from recyclable material and the wood for the frame is all purchased from SFI certified companies.

3. Montego Pennyback Sofa

Originally made in the color of navy, this sofa has a knotted back due to the rows of upholstery buttons tacked into the microfiber fabric. The armless style gives it a sleek look, and the design is retro, reminiscent of 70’s style furniture. It is made from soy and other recycled material that’s all SFI certified.

4. EcoBalanza Square Sofa

If you love the modern look of sleek edges and vivid colors, look no further than this high-backed square sofa option. With thick cushions and high arms, it’s the perfect elegant piece that’s also good for a family home. The materials used for this attractive piece are all FSC and SFI certified materials, including kiln-dried wood, natural latex foam, recycled springs, and organic hemp.

As you can see, shopping for organically-made furniture doesn’t mean settling for unattractive styles. There are plenty of great options out there to fit any budget and every sense of style.

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