4 DIY Ways to Make Your Cell Phone Speakers Better

There are a lot of products out there to make a cell phone better and easier to use. There are phone cases that protect the phone and prevent the screen from breaking if it’s dropped. Extra SD cards give a phone more storage capacity. There are even specialized gloves that make it possible for someone to use a touch screen without sacrificing the warmth of their fingertips. Among all of these add-ons are many ways to improve the sound quality of a phone’s speakers.

Usually, the speakers on a phone are not the best. The older a phone gets, the worse its speakers get. This can make it hard to hear the person on the other end of the line during conversations and make playing music on a phone a less than pleasant experience. Here are some easy tricks anyone can do to improve the quality of their phone’s speakers.

  • There’s an App for That There’s a good chance that the cause of poor speaker quality is nothing more than a little dust and dirt build up. When someone first starts to notice the speakers on their smartphone going out, they can try a Speaker Cleaner app. The app emits a specific frequency out of the phone’s speakers which loosens and knocks off any dirt and grime that has built up in the phone. If that doesn’t work, a can of compressed air is always great for cleaning dust and dirt out of tight places.
  • Buy an Add-On There are tons of products out there which are created to improve sound quality on a phone. External speakers make playing music through a phone possible, earpieces and headphones make it easier to hear phone calls, and there is a range of methods for hooking up a phone (or mp3 player) to the sound system of a car. All of these extra tools can boost the sound of a phone, and typically come in an array of quality and price.

  • Think Before you Buy If sound quality is a concern, or if someone knows they will be using the speakers on their phone a lot for talk, music, and video, they should shop for phones with good speakers. Much like graphics, apps, connectivity, and picture quality, sound ought to be a factor in determining which phone to buy.

  • Keep it Simple This is one of those ingenious life hacks that everyone feels dumb for not thinking of. Anyone can boost the sound of their phone with just one simple tool, which can be found in any home: a bowl. Place a phone in a bowl or cup and the curve of the container acts as an amplifier. It’s a simple and free way to make any small speaker louder.

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