4 Biggest Geek Potheads in TV & Film History

Geeks and cannabis go together like Mountain Dew and pizza. It’s a match made in entertainment heaven, and there have been some doozies of characters over the years. Call it a stereotype or an archetype, there’s something about geeks and recreational marijuana use that just fit. Whether you relate to these characters or not, they’ve been a crucial part of your vegging out lifestyle.

Which of these lovable cannabis-adoring geeks are your favorite?

1. Fez, “That 70s Show”

Of course, it was strongly suggested that all the characters from this now in syndication show indulged from time to time. However, many would argue that Fez was the funniest geek to toke. You can’t have a show about the 1970s and not have it inundated with marijuana suggestions. The hazy, smoke-filled discussions that were heavily peppered into most episodes is a staple.

2. Nick, “Freaks and Geeks”

Long before Jason Segal became Marshall on “How I Met Your Mother,” he was the “token” smoker on “Freaks and Geeks.” In the final episode, he even got Lindsay to try some as the rest of the cast was caught up in a peanut allergy scandal. You can’t escape high school without at least getting tempted to light up, regardless of if you’re a freak or geek.

3. All the guys except Sheldon, “The Big Bang Theory”

In a show all about geeks and nerds, there needs to be at least one stoner episode. When Leonard, Raj and Howard go camping to watch the meteor showers sans Sheldon, Howard happened upon some middle-aged hippie women who give him pot cookies while he thinks they’re just regular chocolate chip. What ensues is a ravaging of the cooler and Howard sharing an unfortunate story of how he lost his virginity.

4. Harold, “Harold and Kumar” franchise

Harold is the conservative, geeky counterpart to the outgoing Kumar in this franchise, but the polar opposites stay bonded over a love for marijuana. Whether you prefer the original complete with Neil Patrick Harris on a unicorn or you favor the Christmas installment, Harold and Kumar are classic characters on the hunt for love, adventure and of course White Castle.

Geeks lighting up is entertainment gold no matter what the audience or their level of intoxication. It’s slapstick humor at its best with the perfect tool to allow for missteps and faux pas that wouldn’t be committed under “normal” circumstances.

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