4 Awesome Mobility Tech Devices

Geeks come in all ages and with all types of abilities. For those who are facing mobility issues, there are gadgets galore to make your life easier. There’s no reason to settle for “that’s just the way it is” or to struggle needlessly. Whether you have trouble getting from point A to point B on foot, texting, getting a document written quickly and flawlessly or any other type of mobility challenge, it’s time to make a change. Technology is at your fingertips.

Check out these incredible mobility tech devices that can make your life better immediately.

1. The Rollator

It’s not a walker, cane or a wheelchair. The Rollator provides mobility assistance no matter what terrain you want to master. This means dirty roads, parks, smooth surfaces and even through shallow puddles. Plus, it’s sleek and comes with plenty of storage space without taking up too much room. It’s exactly what mobile-minded geeks need to reclaim their independence.

2. StickyKeys

If you’ve ever accidentally turned on StickyKeys when typing at your keyboard, you’ve probably wondered why such a feature even exists. It’s part of the Accessibility Options and prime for someone who needs single point of entry commanding (such as using a single digit or a mouthstick). It basically lets you use keystrokes normally entered at the same time (like Ctrl+ another command) to be used sequentially.

3. Virtual keyboards

These keyboards are just what they sound like: A “keyboard” that appears on screen and you use a mouse, alternative pointing system or trackball to operate it. These alternative pointing systems can be personalized to suit a person’s needs, and it commands the right keystrokes into the right program. You can even modify commands like Ctrl or Alt, with some virtual options offering word prediction and other complementary features.

4. Reading systems

If you’ve ever had your arm fall asleep while reading in bed, you have a tiny inkling of what it’s like to be challenged when holding printed materials. Turning pages isn’t necessarily an easy task, but reading systems make it simple. Reading systems can include mass produced items such as the Kindle, or there are specialized gadgets using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software within a reading/filing system. Hard copy text is instantly turned into digital images, and it can then be “read” to you via a speech synthesizes and/or be displayed on screen.

The era of drones, droids and bots are upon us. Are you making the most of the technology for the mobility challenged person in your life?

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