4 Awesome and Fashionable Watches for Divers

Accessories are the catalyst that pulls together any ensemble, and divers need them as much as anyone. While most divers wear watches so they can tell the time underwater and track how long they have left before they have to surface, some still want to be fashionable.

The best, most stylish watches for divers aren’t just for divers, though. These watches are stylish in the water or out.

When you choose one of these, you’ll be stylish wherever you go. Few things in life are cooler than a watch that can go from the boardroom to hundreds of feet below the surface of the ocean. Here are four examples of such watches.

1. Victorinox Swiss Army watch

This is one impressive timepiece. Not only is it sleek and stylish with a black face and high-tech features, it will operate as far down as 1,600 feet below the surface of the ocean.

Even better, the face is scratch resistant, so you can wear it to the ball field when you play ball with your kids, while running, to work, or anywhere else you can imagine.

2. Rado D-Star

This sleek silver watch is beyond stylish. It’s classic, elegant, and looks like it belongs on the arm of a multimillion-dollar CEO rather than a diver. It doesn’t make it quite as far down into the depths of the ocean as other watches might, but how often are you more than 656 feet below the ocean waves?

3. Timex

Timex makes a great watch for just about anyone, including divers. The Intelligent Quartz Depth Gauge works up to 196 feet below surface level, which makes it more appropriate for casual divers than serious ones. However, its stylish features and classic design make it a fashionable watch for everyday wear, as well.

4. Oris Aquis

One of the manliest and most fashionable watches around, this diver’s dream takes you down to about the same depth as the Swiss Army, that is, 1,640 feet below sea level. Its laminated face makes it possible to read the information on the screen this far into the deep … or simply in a darkened room.

Buying reliable divers’ watches

Watchuwant is a website that provides reliable, fashionable luxury watches for divers. You can find the perfect watch for any part of your life, at a price that’s less than retail value.

The watches divers use might be different from your everyday watch, but most people can’t tell the difference when they look at a diver’s watch in the office or on the ocean. The sleek, stylish design of divers’ watches make them perfect for everyday wear.

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