3 Ways Your Office Job Is Bad for Your Health

If your career involves a lot of standing, traveling, or hard labor, you might wish you had one of those cushy desk jobs. Sitting at your desk behind a computer all day seems so much more relaxing, doesn’t it?

While it might seem more relaxing, it’s actually terrible for your health. Sitting in the office for years can have a number of adverse health effects. The truth is, sitting down all day is not more relaxing than being physically active. Here are three ways in which that’s the case.

1. Sitting makes you fat

This negative health effect is so obvious, it’s typically the first concern many office employees have. Sitting all day long is bad for your waistline. Sedentary work means you’re getting less exercise and working off fewer calories.

Sitting all day also lowers your metabolism level, making it more difficult for you to lose weight and burn extra calories throughout the day. It can also encourage you to snack mindlessly throughout the day.

Get up and take a walk. Take frequent breaks to help you stretch your muscles and burn some calories. Walk to lunch. Walk home if you can. Also, keep the snack jar far from reach. You’ll be glad you did.

2. Sitting makes you stressed

While it’s not the sitting so much as the lack of exposure to sunlight that makes you feel stressed, sitting down behind a desk all day is cause for stress. The more you sit, the more stressed you feel. To keep this from becoming a problem, try to expose yourself to more natural sunlight.

This could be as simple as eating outdoors, engaging in outdoor physical activity when you get home, or just spending a few minutes sitting outside when you take a break from your desk. Natural exposure to sunlight releases stress-relieving endorphins in your brain, which will cause you to feel less anxiety.

3. Desk chairs aren’t back-friendly

Chances are your office is outfitted with an inexpensive, standard desk chair. It’s killing your back, which causes you to feel uncomfortable and even more stressed. To reduce some of that stress and discomfort, replace your uncomfortable office chair with one from Healthy Back Online that’s designed to help ease the pain in your back.

Sitting down all day is not as relaxing as many people think. If you’re chained to your desk eight hours per day, make it a habit to get up, get moving, and stay active. It’s going to save your health and prolong your life.

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