3 Ways to Look Younger Today

The search for the mythical Fountain of Youth continues. If it’s found, of course, we’ll be able to drink from its waters and become forever young.

Until that fantasy world becomes a reality, however, we’ll have to focus on achieving the next best thing: looking young!

There are hundreds of ways to look younger, and a quick Internet search will uncover many suggestions and products that will help you appear to be a bit younger than you are, or at least not any older.

Here are our favorite three ways to do it.

1. Wear glasses or sunglasses

One of the subconscious cues we look for in determining age is the state of people’s eyes. Lots of little wrinkles or bags under the eyes can be a fairly strong indicator of age, and when you wear glasses or sunglasses, you preserve younger-looking eyes.

2. Your smile

If people understood the physical and emotional benefits of smiling, they’d never stop doing it! Smiling not only exudes confidence, but it jump-starts a physiological process that reduces stress within your body and makes you feel much more healthy and happy.

Looking and feeling healthy and happy will make you look younger, and it’ll happen as soon as you smile!

3. Your hair

You have two primary choices with your hair: the style and the color. As far as style goes, take a look at people around you: when you’re in a trendy part of your town, or you’re watching popular shows on television.

The age you’d like to be carries a certain style of hair, and at various times in the cycle of fashion, it might be short, medium, or long. Given the pervasive amount of fashion knowledge our society has, people will unconsciously associate you with the age you’re imitating.

The other choice is color. If you’re trying to look older, you’ll want to let your gray hair become prominent and noticeable, if possible. But if you’re trying to look younger, you’ll want to regain your natural color.

You can do that through hair dyes, or if you’d like to try a more lasting and natural solution, you can use a supplement that fosters the growth of catalase for gray hair reversal, which might make it possible for you to sustain indefinitely.

However it is you decide to change your hair color, you’ll look younger!

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