3 Ways to Build Strength with Your Smartphone

What postures and movements do you commonly associate with your smartphone? Most of us think about hunching over the touch screen, tapping away with our thumbs, or watching videos while lounging around. workoutapp

But what if your mobile device could do more than distract and entertain you? Your phone can actually become your personal strength trainer, and help you reach new exercise benchmarks.

But you have to be willing to download the right apps, and then put some sweat and effort into shaping up. Are you ready? Let’s hit those reps!

One Hundred Pushups

How many people can legitimately say that they can do 100 pushups a day? You could make this claim after completing the One Hundred Pushups program, which will do wonders for your arm and back muscles.

Bodyweight workouts are generally associated with a lower risk of injury, since you aren’t stacking up barbells with harmful amounts of iron and steel.

The One Hundred Pushups app gives you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced schedule to follow over the span of six weeks, so you can steadily build your way up to doing 100 pushups in a single day. You’ll work your way up in increments, completing pushups three days a week.

Just place your phone underneath your body during your sessions, and the light proximity sensor on the front of your device will count the pushups for you!


Do you have time for a quick 15-minute workout during a work break or after class, but you’re not sure what to do? Sworkit can design a training session for you within seconds.

Its randomized strength workouts target various areas of your body: core strength, upper body, full body, and lower body. So you have no excuse for skipping leg day, or any other workout!

Each exercise comes with a video demonstration, so don’t worry if you’re not immediately clear about the proper movements. This virtual training will get you sweating in a few seconds and help you fight away muscle loss as you age.

Pumping Weight

This is the perfect companion for the budding or seasoned gym bunny. Beef up with this weight-lifting schedule manager, equipment guide, and workout check list.

This app can be integral when it comes to working out on a regular basis. Stronger muscles can bring your skeletal system into better alignment and prevent future injuries.

Make sure to use these apps and exercises in conjunction with a personal trainer and other mobility experts to avoid poor posture and injury. And have a great workout!

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