3 Ways Technology Improves Our Lives

Technology has long been a controversial topic of discussion. On one side of the table, you might find the minimalists and Luddites who believe that technology is or will be the ruin of all civilization (and then they’ll get into their hybrid electric cars and drive home).

But on the other side of the table, you’ll have the folks who must admit that technology improves our lives in many ways, even though there might be some occasionally undesirable side effects. So what are the primary ways that people have used technology to improve their lives?

That question has hundreds of possible answers that are changing as fast as today’s innovations, but here’s three major ways we see positive changes occurring on a daily basis!

1. Information

The sharing of information has had an enormous array of benefits. Sometimes the information shared is something that has logistical benefits, like the traffic alerts on Google Maps’ Waze platform, which alert you to real-time accidents on the road and enable you to avoid the resulting traffic tie-ups.

Perhaps the information shared is something that physicians and researchers might use, to help diagnose and treat an illness through the collective brilliance of worldwide brainpower. The possibilities and applications of information sharing are incredibly broad, and continue to grow!

2. Laughing

Social media sites and streaming video have helped us share things that we find funny, and any technology that leads to more laughter and the positive mood-enhancing endorphins that follow … well, that’s a great life improvement, if only for a moment!

3. Time

Great technology saves us time, in all kinds of different ways. An email saves us the time of writing and mailing a letter, and a smartphone saves us the hassle of comparing prices on big-ticket items. But there are even more improvements to our lives, when it comes to our workday.

Technology has significantly increased our productivity, in part by saving time on mundane tasks. Take a look at Domo software for enterprise reports and dashboards, which is a technology that helps busy executives consolidate large amounts of data into fast, consumable reports.

That time saved can be spent on further innovation, and that’s why business is moving at a pace that’s allowing us all to experience an improved life!

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