3 Things That Can Save a Boring Website

It happens: a great business idea starts to flourish, and as the ball is set to rolling certain things get overlooked, and one year later a thriving new company has a website so blasé, so boring, it seems nothing can save it. Before your employees start scratching the domain name off their business cards, here are three easy fixes that can transform any website from a dull burden into a dynamic and exciting addition to your business.

1. The Opposite of Boring is Fun

The more fun people are having, the longer they’ll stay. It’s true at parties, in movie theaters, and on websites. Think outside the box when it comes to fun, but keep it simple.

Just taking something commonplace and making it memorable or extraordinary is enough to create an experience that will encourage users to return to a site.

Be creative with what is already standard on the site. Making a bio page or contact form more visually unique, funny, or engaging can be easy. Let the nature of your business be your guide. If you run a garage and specialize in truck repair, place an interactive gauge on the contact page to let users know how long the average response time is. If you own a bakery, the same could be done with an oven timer. Simple solutions that take basic information and text and give it a boost of fun!

2. Interactive Elements

No one should have to play a complicated game, or master a challenge to navigate away from the homepage, but providing an interface that users can manipulate is a highly accessible way to make a website less boring, and it’s something that can be accomplished easily after a quick JavaScript tutorial.

Think of Google’s homepage. Its logo has a steady rotation of often interactive elements, but those elements are optional. They never interfere with the ease and efficiency a user wants and expects from a search engine. Keeping interactivity optional keeps it fun, once you require a user to complete a task—even a small one, or cute one, or a fun one—each and every time he or she wants to navigate your site, you’ve turned the interaction into a chore. Remember: games are optional, tasks are mandatory.

3. Start a Videoblog

As unlikely as it may seem, users love videos enough for a videoblog to be a great way to  dramatically improve their levels of satisfaction and fun. Keeping videos brief, relevant, and informational is good, and making sure they’re easy to watch is crucial. Using a common video source like Youtube is a good way to ensure user familiarity, and allows for the possibility that your videoblog will be seen by someone who’s never heard of your website. Whatever you choose to include in the videoblog, just remember to keep it fun.

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