3 Steps for Prepping Your Outdoor Furniture


Ready to use your outdoor furniture?  Is it ready for you?  After winter, outdoor furniture needs to be prepared for use. Follow the easy steps below and you’ll not only be quickly enjoying the great outdoors, but you will also be extending the life of your outdoor furniture.

Clean It Up

Following the furniture manufacturer’s directions, start cleaning as gently as possible. First, remove any loose dirt or debris that accumulated. You can use a soft cloth to do this. Then, simply try rinsing with water. You can use a gentle cleaner, which you can make at home. Mix ¼ cup gentle liquid dishwashing detergent with 1 gallon of warm water. Then using a soft-bristle brush or sponge, scrub the furniture. Rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Wicker, wood and metal furniture all have very specific methods to keep them clean, so make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on those kinds of outdoor furnishing. Finally, save yourself more work in the future. Securely cover outdoor furniture when not in use. Take the foot caps off chairs and tables and keep the furniture upright so any water that accumulates can drain. Better yet, store your outdoor furniture indoors during the off season.

Spruce It Up

If you are bored with your outdoor furniture, but can’t afford to replace it, consider adding some color splashes. This can be done with bright fabric in strategic locations. Throw pillows made of outdoor furniture are a fun twist. New cushions are relatively inexpensive. You can also get a new patio umbrella in a fun color.

Color can be thrown in with a few potted plants, as well. Both the pots and the plants will add color and help to spruce of that your boring outdoor furniture. Add several different types of plants to each container. Start with a tall plant in the center and make sure to add some that trail down the side of the pot, as well.

Fix It Up

Careful cleaning and storage can’t stop all the ravages of time, and eventually, your outdoor furniture will need to be repaired. The sun takes its toll on items that are outdoors. Oils from sunblock and human skin will begin to break down the materials; mechanical parts will wear down. The stress on the furniture will cause issues.

Repairing outdoor furniture makes sense if you spent a lot of money on it or not. You get to save money, but you can also cut down on the amount of waste you create. Most people don’t know that even the webbing on inexpensive lawn chairs can be refurbished. Slings can be replaced, too. Repairing these pieces gives you the opportunity to personalize your furniture.


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