3 Sports Strategies You Should Use in Project Management

When it comes to project management, life can seem pretty complicated. Yet, when we’re watching a football game, or baseball game, or golf tournament on the weekend, we’re seeing all kinds of great strategies at work.

Why don’t we apply those types of strategies to project management? Below are three essential sports strategies you should consider using for successful project management.

1. Team chats

Every sports team has a chat before, during, and after the game. And it’s not just any chat; it’s focused and supportive. Teams that fight and bicker don’t win.

It’s the supportive, openly communicating teams that tend to perform the best. Watch a great football quarterback yell out instructions, and alter them based on the defense’s responses. That’s great communication and teamwork.

Why not do the same thing for your project? Why not build in a few minutes, two or three times a day, to thank a particular team member for great work? Why not touch base on a key element one extra time, just to make sure? Great teams would do that, and so should you!

2. Have some fun out there

Baseball teams are a great example of teams where chemistry is really important. They know they have to have fun sometimes to endure the long season. So have some fun with your project too, in whatever way your team likes to do that!

3. Use great equipment

By great equipment, we mean use the best that’s out there. For a baseball player, it might be a brand of shoes that’s understood to be the lightest and fastest — that gives a player the extra confidence he needs to steal second when the game is on the line.

Or it might be a golfer who has the best driver on the market, and can relax and hits a perfect drive over the water on a sudden-death playoff hole. Equipment in sports is important both physically and mentally.

Project management, in many ways, is the same. The project isn’t going to go well if nobody likes the equipment they’re using, or it’s just flat-out inferior to the better products that could get the job done better.

Perhaps the most important equipment you’re going to need is a line of project and portfolio management products from a reputable and experienced provider. That will keep your project moving quickly toward the intended goal, just like a golf ball flying straight at the pin.

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