3 Secret Ways a Tech Company Can Succeed in the Digital Jungle

Your company may spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours recruiting new talent and training employees, which means every resignation poses a major burden. One of the keys to success is staying on top of effective digital training, so employees can thrive in a culture of knowledge.

Stagnant offices that don’t provide valuable training will be abandoned by employees who crave the challenge of learning and potential advancement. The three tactics below will ensure that your employees continue to acquire new skill sets in a tech environment.

1. Be transparent

It’s hard to get employees motivated about training and education if they have no clear idea about the content and goals of the day. Before meeting as a group or conducting one-on-one sessions, make sure to set an agenda.

Use engaging language to tell your audience what each training module is about, who the guest speakers will be, and describe the value of this knowledge. Define goals and takeaways from each training session.

Use a survey at the end of each module to find out whether your employees received the support they need. If you don’t get positive feedback, then act on the criticism, and change the training sessions until they meet employee needs.

2. Employ concrete measurements

Employees may have a vague idea of how a training session can improve their professional lives, but you need to give them measureable skill sets and accomplishments to look forward to.

For example, provide employees with career paths in your tech company, and help them understand the track toward a new position. Have a detailed list of all the tasks an employee should be able to perform once they have completed a training session.

If you are coaching someone who will pass his knowledge onto others, hold that person up to measurable standards. You should expect a certain percentage increase in productivity after a workshop.

3. Show the value of knowledge

Connect the dots and help your employees understand how a workshop or training session will aid them professionally and personally. A conflict mediation session can be useful in a myriad of scenarios: these tactics can be used to relieve office frustrations, or to calm upset children at a school soccer game.

Effective communication skills that are developed during training sessions can help people in the home setting, or as they pursue a hobby activity. Encourage staff members to share their experiences, and pass on testimonials to demonstrate how training can positively influence your personal and professional lives.

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