3 Rules for Blog Posting in a Geeky Landscape

Guest blogging is one of the absolute best ways to build your audience, network with fellow bloggers, and get your name out there on a diverse smattering of platforms. However, it’s also often a thankless job, is almost always unpaid (unless you get to Thought Leader status in certain fields) and sometimes guest bloggers are given very little direction. “Write about whatever you want!” is the common advice from the blog owner who’s overwhelmed with her own tasks.

However, for guest bloggers treading into geeky territory, there are a few tricks of the trade and best practices. This can be especially challenging if this isn’t your forte, you’re a noob geek or you’re writing for an audience in a difference niche than your own. What does MTG and Star Wars really have in common besides a strong, geeky following? As a guest blogger you need to figure it out, but here’s a framework to get started:

1. Own up to your level

You can’t fake expertise with a geeky audience, so it’s always best to write what you know. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If you’ve been wrangled into guest blogging about Firefly but haven’t seen a single episode, don’t put together something that “sounds right.” Confess to your ignorance and take a fun approach such as doing a first-person review of the pilot episode; your fresh perspective will be authentic and endearing.

2. A little flexing is expected

No matter how familiar you are with the subject, there’s no harm in showing off your background and interests. It’ll likely bring you some allies in the forms of readers and other blog owners might notice that you’re a good match to guest blog for them. Geeks aren’t known for their modesty when it comes to their passions, so go ahead and flex a little.

3. There’s no excuse for poor grammar

Grammar geeks are out in full force, and nothing discredits you faster than a typo or messing up lie vs. lay. If nit picking isn’t your best talent, get as many eyes on the post as possible before submitting. This should be standard in any type of blog post, but when your audience has a higher quota of geniuses than anywhere else, the bar is even higher.

Most importantly, have fun with it, take your time and write something you’d want to read.


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