3 Reasons You Should Look at Attending the 2013 Sacramento Hackathon

The Sacramento Hackathon takes place over June 1 and 2 and corresponds with The National Day of Civic hacking. By all accounts it should be a great event and anyone who is able to should really do their best to attend.

However, it is hard for people to make the decision to attend if they don’t even know what a hackathon is, let alone what goes on at one. Read on to find out what a hackathon is and why it is a great event for anyone from master coder to novice to attend!

What Is A Hackathon?

The phrase ‘hackathon’ combines the words hack and marathon, meaning that a hackathon is an event where people get together to partake in a hacking marathon, in this case while using some Sacramento broadband. In this context, ‘hacking’ does not refer to any type of computer crime, as many outside the computer world would associate the phrase with and instead refers to programming that is fun and exploratory.

Attendees of the 2013 Sacramento Hackathon (or any other hackathon) will initially attend some presentations about various topics and about the event itself. At the final of these presentations, attendees will split up into groups based upon different interests and skill levels and then the hacking commences. The groups will work together for a designated period of time and then at the end of the hackathon, the groups will come together again to present the results of their efforts.

Why Attend?

Networking: Attending a hackathon is a great way to not only meet new friends, but to meet business contacts or potential project partners as well. By just showing up, registering and logging onto some Sacramento broadband, people can meet others with similar interests.

Education: Hackathons bring together people with a huge range of programming experience, from newbies to seasoned experts, so everyone can get involved regardless of skill level. Many of the events that take place have an educational component to them, so people that pick the right workshops and make friends can rapidly expand their skill set and help others do the same.

Fun: What can be more fun than getting a chance to learn and meet new people? Attendees of the 2013 Sacramento Hackathon aren’t just going to log on to Sacramento broadband instead of their own; they are going to have a great time and to create new relationships. See you there?

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