3 Necessities for Your Personal Protection

The world is not always as friendly as some would have you believe. There can be a variety of nefarious characters around and being out alone at night can lead to some dangerous situations. If you enjoy the nightlife, and your independence, carrying a few personal protective devices on your person can ensure your safety.


A light can be one of the most useful things any person can carry. Built-in lights on cell-phones can seem useful, but are often not powerful enough to be of any help. Carrying a high powered, compact flashlight can offer you safety and protection. This flashlight is capable of being used as a high powered light, window breaker, and can even be mounted on rifles or shotguns. Coming with the options of high, medium, low, SOS and strobe capabilities, it is useful in countless situations. Easily transportable in a purse or backpack, this light can prove invaluable in survival situations. If you are attacked in a dark area, this flashlight is bright enough that shining it directly into your attacker’s eyes could cause temporary blindness and disorientation for them; allowing you to escape.

Rape Whistle

In order for whistles to be a productive means of protecting oneself, you must have the whistle readily available and have helpful people within earshot. That being said, it is a compact device that is easily transportable and gives you a much better shot of finding help in troublesome situations. Obviously, with this whistle, you are relying on others to aid you in your distress, but if you are walking in a well populated area you have much better chances of getting someone to hear the high pitched scream of a whistle as opposed to your own voice. In the case of abduction, you may want to wait to blow the whistle until you know you are within earshot of others.

Pepper Spray

This is just about the strongest deterrent you can purchase; aside from firearms. Using pepper spray in your attacker’s eyes can cause temporary blindness, stinging, burning and excessive watering. As pepper spray is a safe tactic used in crowd control or riot situations, you can be assured this will help stop or slow your attacker enough to allow you time to get away. Of course, if you have children, it can be nerve-wracking to carry around something as high-powered as pepper spray, so be certain to keep this device out of the reach of children. Many individuals choose to walk with their can of spray in their hand if they find themselves alone after dark. Simply threatening pepper spray may be enough of a deterrent to dissuade your attacker from their malicious intent.

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