3 Musts for Your Next Comic-Con

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about “the” Comic-Con in San Diego, the not quite as popular one in New York, or a local affair where you’re clearly top dog. If you’re heading to Comic-Con, there are a few pieces of swag that you need at the ready. The good news is that you don’t need to bust open your savings account in order to make a grand entrance. Of course, if you do want to make The Hollywood Reporter’s best costume list, you’re going to have to go above and beyond (but it’s not a requirement).

Would you rather play it low key but still show off your fanboy or fangirl tendencies? Here’s what you need to be a budget-minded attendee. Many of these you can make or customize yourself with just a little bit of DIY flair:

1. Personalized buttons

Why pay a premium price for buttons you don’t 100 percent love when they’re so easy to make yourself? The materials are cheap, the skill level is moderate, and most importantly it’s a great way to get in the Comic-Con spirit before the doors open. Cover yourself in buttons or just let a few key pieces of flair pop. It’s an old school approach to showing your geek pride, and it’ll last a lot longer than that blue Avarat body paint you’ve been eyeing.

2. Comfortable shoes

This is something too many geeks learn the hard way: Comfortable and stylish shoes are possible (and highly encouraged!) at Comic-Con. A go-to classic is Dr. Martens in a variety of prints and styles; after all they’ve been part of the unofficial geek costume for years. While it might be tempting to go full Black Widow complete with stiletto boots, you’ll end up spending most of the day hunting down chairs instead of enjoying the festivities.

3. A tablet

You’re going to want a little more space and oomph to record the shenanigans than what the average smartphone can supply. As if you needed an excuse to upgrade your tablet, gearing up for Comic-Con is a great one. Yes, it obviously doesn’t fall into the cost effective category, but if you’re planning on upgrading anyway, time it around your upcoming event. How else are you going to blog in real-time?

Comic-Con fans unite in the three key things they need for a life changing experience. Let your geek flag fly high.


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