3 Apps That Will Make Your Divorce Much Easier

Divorce is one of the worst experiences that people have to go through in life. Not only does the couple suffer through this process, but children are also placed in the line of fire.

There are so many things that divorcing couples have to think about when it comes to this serious life-altering situation. But there are ways to help make the process simpler and easier. Check out the following three smartphone apps that help make the transition less painful.

1. 2Houses

One of the most challenging aspects of being divorced with children is keeping up with all their activities when there are two households. When the children are at one home, they tend to forget what happens at the second home.

This application keeps a record of all assignments, appointments, and chores so both parents will be in the know about every aspect of their child’s life. Things can get confusing when the kids are going back and forth between the two homes. This app makes it all much easier to deal with.

2. Child Support Calculator

In case you don’t know what it is, the Child Support Calculator can tell you the estimated child support payment amount anywhere in the US. All you do is enter the state, both of your incomes, and the percentage you have agreed will be paid.

This set of factors is calculated to determine your overall child support payment. If there’s another agreement that can peacefully be made by both parties, then that will work as well. The point is to keep it simple and avoid unnecessary confrontations with each other.

3. iSplit Divorce

This app is very handy when you’re figuring out which assets will go to whom. The tool uses large icons as items, such as the home, car, and other such assets, to determine which party will get which item.

It bases its decision on the individual’s income level. It’s smart more to show the results of this application to your divorce attorney before divorce proceedings to make sure everything is done fairly.

Of course you’ll want to search for a reputable divorce attorney online. Try a consultation with the Law Offices of Richard D. Palmer, for instance, to arrange your divorce.

Divorce can be very difficult and messy if not done in the right way. Using these three apps to assist you in all areas of your split will increase your chances of going through the process with very little drama. Divorce is painful, but it doesn’t have to be earth-shattering. Plan well.

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