10 Ways to Make Your Internet Faster

A slow internet connection is one of the most frustrating nuisances we deal with today. Whether a page is taking forever to load or the connection keeps going out, a slow, unreliable internet connection is almost worse than no connection at all. Luckily there are some tricks that can be done to make an internet connection faster which will have anyone browsing the web easily and quickly.

1      Use Online Tools to Check the Current Speed: There are many free applications out there that will test the current internet speed of a computer. It’s helpful to know exactly where a computer is at before trying to improve it.

2      Change the Domain Name System: By changing the domain name service to OpenDNS, a user can have more control over which programs use up the computer’s resources, plus it includes services like anti-phishing features and analytics.

3      Clean Up the Hard Drive: A computer that runs faster will surf the internet faster. Delete files and programs that aren’t being used anymore and improve the performance of the computer over all.

4       Strategically Place the Wireless Router: It doesn’t make sense to set up a wireless router in a section of the house or building where no one uses their computers. Having the router close to high activity spots will improve connectivity.

5      Secure the Connection: An unsecured network can be used by anyone within range, so using a password protected wifi connection will prevent neighbors from using the connection and slowing down the owner’s connection.

6      Use the Internet During Low-Activity Hours: If it’s possible, avoid using the internet during a time when everyone is trying to log on, like right after work or during a lunch break.

7      Buy a New Router: A slow connection can be the result of an inadequate router. A simple upgrade could improve internet speeds.

8      Upgrade Services: Either changing services or providers will replace the current slow connection with faster speeds.

9      Turn Off Auto-Updates: Software like iTunes or anti-virus tools often have automatic updates which can use up the internet connection when they don’t need to.

10   Use Firewall and Anti-Virus Programs: There are many free software programs that can prevent unwanted users and programs from taking over a computer’s internet connection.

Shopping for Reliable Internet

There are many tools out there to help find the perfect internet in San Francisco, or wherever someone is in the world. By using online directories, it’s easy to compare prices and services of providers in the area. Although price is an important factor, there are other features to consider, like bundles and special offers and level of customer service each provider offers. The standard, cheapest option may not be the best choice should anything happen and the company is hard to contact. It may be worth it to pay a little more each month with a company that is trusted and will be accountable if there is ever a problem with their services.

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