10 Ways to Keep Yourself Comfortable While Gaming

If there’s anything more devastating to a successful raid on a tower in Defense of the Ancients, it’s a finger cramp that renders a gamer unable to engage in the rapid clicking necessary to complete the task.  A horrible misfortune indeed.  However, there is hope.  By keeping careful tabs on these ten ways to keep comfortable (and therefore effective) while gaming, a gamer can enjoy the delights of all kinds of gaming without any of the worrisome physical discomfort.


It’s easy to forget to drink when involved in a serious task, but doctors recommend about 6-8 glasses of water a day, even for the not-so-active.  So, pass the glass and drink up.


This goes hand in hand with hydration.  The body needs nutrients and calories to perform at its best.  This is true even if the body isn’t engaged in that much activity.  A gamer should take stock of his/her hunger once in awhile and make sure to grab a healthy snack.


All joking aside, it’s important to get up and move around once in awhile during extended gameplay.  In fact, a kid in Taiwan who didn’t heed this advice ended up keeling over.  The authorities believe since he sat for so long (40 hours) he suffered a blood clot that they believe led to his eventual demise.  So stand up, walk around and then get back to the work at hand, destroying opponents.


They say people using their computers blink their eyes about 5 times less than when they are not.  Blinking replenishes much needed moisture and clears away foreign entities floating around in the air.  Failing to blink can cause eyestrain, a significant discomfort.  That failure to blink holds true whether someone is working on the computer or playing a rousing game of Alaskan Fishing.


Just mind the old adage, “dress for success.”  When gaming, it’s advised to wear soft, loose fitting clothing to give the maximum comfort level.  Think a Snuggie, sweat pants or a nice big blanket.  There’s nothing that says comfort like being draped in a big soft blanket, scorning the outside world and really taking to task some Scourge opponents.


One of the easiest and often overlooked ways to have a comfortable gaming experience is to clear up any possible distractions.  Has the dog been feed?  Or will he start barking once the game really starts gathering steam?  What about the significant other?  Will he/she be demanding completion of some unfinished chore?  Take care of those things; it could affect the gaming experience.


This is critical.  The most important thing to remember about the proper gaming position is lumbar support.  Ergonomically minded furniture isn’t just for the workplace.  A gamer should always remember that good posture is just as vital for gaming comfort as it is for work comfort.


Nothing can break concentration like a noisy environment.  Perhaps now is the time to invest in a pair of noise canceling headphones.  A small investment like this can totally change the gaming environment.  The outside world becomes irrelevant and the game takes on a new more immediate aspect.


Although a gamer doesn’t usually find him/herself walking around much during gameplay, that doesn’t mean footwear should be overlooked.  A nice pair of slippers to keep the feet nice and cozy can increase the gaming comfort exponentially.


Although it doesn’t always bring happiness, winning is a generally a surefire way to enjoy a gaming experience and can only be accomplished through one thing.  Practice!

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