10 Unforgettable Animal Gifs

Put a furry friend into a gif and it’s internet gold. Whether they’re funny gifs, shocking gifs or just plain weird, everyone loves an animal. Here are 10 of the most unforgettable animal gifs ever.

1. Cat Balloon Twin The owners of this pudgy orange cat found a cat helium balloon that looked–well, just like their fur baby. They probably thought they could capture some cute videos when they introduced the twins. They were wrong. The real cat didn’t care for his doppelganger at all and attacked it with unnecessary force. Needless to say, it went viral.

2. Sneezing Panda

It’s the video that spread like–well, like a meme. A panda mother and baby were huddled together, when suddenly the baby sneezed. It shocked the mother in a creepily human-like way. It’s proof that when it comes to motherhood, no matter the species, there are always surprises.

3. Raccoon Rug Thief These homeowners were wondering why their entryway rug was always going MIA. When they set up a video to catch the thief, they were surprised to find a stealthy raccoon creeping in via the doggy door to snatch it up.

4. I Can Has Cheezburger? No animal gif list can be complete without the staple I Can Has Cheezburger? cat. It’s classic, there are plenty of them and it was part of the new meme evolution. No matter how a person feels about cats–and the cheezburger cat in particular–everyone can find at least one gif they find funny.

5. Peacock vs. Giraffe A baby giraffe is a little curious what this male peacock in full presentation is. Once it moves, the curiosity is over. The giraffe books it out of there with a lesson on just how dangerous (ahem, scary) curiosity can be.

6. Puppy Gate Smackdown Everyone loves cute puppies, but they have a knack for getting everywhere. Enter a puppy gate. However, for these three littermates, it’s clear who the alpha is. It’s fine when one puppy, then two puppies, are at the gate. However, when the third one pops up, the alpha smacks him down–and a life pattern of dom vs. sub is set.

7. Bear Wave Who says bears are always vicious creatures? This “Oh Hai Bear” waves back when his human neighbors wave from a car. Just a little friendly howdy doo.

8. Kangaroo Kick Kangaroos aren’t exactly known for being the nicest animals, but clearly some of them are just jerks. While a guy stands at the bank of a pond, minding his own business, a kangaroo sneaks up behind him and kicks him into the water. Punk’d.

9. Puss in Boots Cats don’t like boots, no matter what Antonio Banderas makes people think. This gif of a gray cat struggling to walk in red booties while the owner looks on is equal parts funny and sad.

10. Walrus Workout Don’t call him fat. This gif of a walrus doing proper sit ups right along with his human trainer made internet history.

Animals. Love them or not, they’re here to stay–in gifs.

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