10 Reasons to Love Home Medication Delivery


Most insurance plans, and particularly Medicare Part D plans, encourage or require that consumers have their medications delivered to their homes as a ninety-day supply. This may be a change for some, but it also comes with many advantages. This system can save you time, money and hassle.

No More Waiting at the Pharmacy

When you drop off a prescription at the pharmacy, you must then wait for it to be filled. The Consumer Health Information Corporation explains why this wait time occurs and why there is simply no way to avoid it while at the pharmacy. When medication is filled through the mail, you no longer have to go through this waiting process and can fill your day with other enjoyable activities.

More Cost Efficient

As with many products, you can often save money by ordering your medications in bulk through the mail. Be aware of where you are ordering your medications from and compare the prices offered by different companies if possible.

Saves on Gas

Fuel prices keep inching higher and higher. Multiple trips to the pharmacy each month can add up quickly. If you live even 10 miles from the nearest pharmacy, it may cost you as much as $5 in gas for every trip. Avoid this expenditure completely with home delivery.

Less Likely to Run Out

When medications must be refilled every month, it is very easy for them to run out. With a ninety-day supply, this doesn’t occur as often. Most mail ordered medications are also refilled automatically, so you don’t ever have to worry about getting down to your last pill.

Inclement Weather is No Longer a Concern

With home delivery, you will no longer have to worry about trips to the pharmacy in extreme heat or cold or when the weather is less than ideal.

One Less Activity on the To Do List

You live a busy life. Removing even one errand makes room for the things that you really want to do in life. Having less to do also means that you are more likely to take your medications on time as prescribed.

Mistakes Less Likely

Though mail order pharmacies do sometimes make mistakes, there are fewer opportunities for these mistakes to occur when medications are ordered in bulk. Always check your order when it arrives, and rest easy knowing that this system is safe.

Emergency Supply of Medications

With a larger supply of needed medications on hand, you are prepared in case of emergencies. Though these scenarios are unlikely, they do occasionally occur. Having a longer supply of medication on hand is essential, particularly when these medications are necessary for sustaining life.

Makes Travel Easier

Many retirees love to travel. Ninety-day supplies of medication make travel easier and less of a hassle.


Having to take multiple medications can get complicated. Having your medications delivered to your home as a ninety-day supply helps to keep things simple. Filling these prescriptions at the pharmacy can be both troublesome and time consuming, but delivery simplifies the process for everyone.

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