10 Office Improvements That Take Your Business up a Notch

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey, in one of his 27 television shows, focuses on bringing struggling restaurants “up to snuff”. He comes in and assesses the restaurant’s bad habits, and spruces up the place. He also teaches them better ways of running the business, to help them get out of the financial trouble they’ve found themselves in. The same idea holds true for any company – the business can be improved by making some changes, physically and otherwise.
Physical improvements

  1. Paint

This is a really simple improvement that can make the office brighter inside and out. By painting the outside (if applicable), a newer-looking building might draw in more customers or clients. Painting the inside will help the workers feel fresh and energized in a “new” space.

  1. Get a new sign

Advertising the company name can be a big draw for a business. It can also reveal a lot about the company. What I mean is, the sign can show off the company’s personality. The options are pretty much endless, and there are many options for any price range (check out these ideas from ImpactSigns.com).

  1. Organize

It’s the same concept as rearranging furniture. Reworking the space can make it feel more open, and it might make sense to group desks. Bringing some elements of Feng Shui into the office may help the energy. And providing the tools for employees to organize their own spaces (and learning about employees by how they organize their desks) can make them more productive.

  1. Upgrade the computers

This might be a big expense, but if the company can afford it, definitely take the plunge. Not only will the system work better, but it will inspire more confidence from clients and customers. I wouldn’t want to walk in and see a company working on ancient hard-drives. It suggests they aren’t up with the times.

  1. Bring in natural light

Try to get windows or skylights installed. This is another big ticket item, but employees will work better under natural light. Fluorescent lights are horrible for our health and our general mental state. Healthier employees equal better employees, which leads to better work.

Other improvements

  1. Use the cloud

This is great for businesses that have employees that aren’t local. Instead of spending a lot of money and energy creating an intranet, just use the internet to share documents and projects. They are more user-friendly and get updated more often.

  1. Up the social media game

Twitter and Facebook aren’t just for kids. But the important thing to remember is to utilize the social media for a specific purpose. It’s not a popularity contest or an effort to get x number of followers. Make it work for the business – use it as customer feedback or to give out promo codes or discounts.

  1. Payment

This is a huge issue for all businesses. Don’t discount new payment methods. If using contracted employees for freelance work, use Paypal and similar systems. Small businesses, take credit and debit cards (Starbucks now sells Squares, for goodness sakes – don’t sell the business short by only taking cash!)

  1. Be seen

Getting the company involved in community events can do a lot to get a company exposure. Finding a cause that is important to the company and going to an event centered around that cause can be a wonderful way to get the company name out to more people.

  1. Value the employees

Employees are who gets the work done, at the end of the day. Foster their creativity and show them that they are valued and respected. They will work harder and do more for the business when they know they’re appreciated.

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