10 of the Best Games of 2013: Download or Buy Them Now!

Games are so much fun, whether they’re for a smart device or a PC. These wonderful fun-filled programs can keep you busy for hours.

Here are 10 games of 2013 that you should download or buy right away!</p>

1. Crisis Core

For those who have played any of the other Final Fantasy trilogy games, this one is also for you. This game is available for PSP only.

2. Angry Birds

If you thought this game could not get any more popular — well, it has. This very entertaining game is so popular that children as well as adults the world over are being entertained to the point of being hypnotized by this fun little Android App.

3. Open Sudoku

For those who love the traditional sudoku game, this one is even more fun. Fill up these cards with the right numbers to solve the puzzle. Play to your heart’s delight.

4. Watch Dogs

This PC game, created by the same folks that made Assassin’s Creed, is an action-packed adventure through city streets. The third-person story will keep you on the edge of your seat.

5. Star Forge

This game is simply a spinoff of MineCraft, but with guns. But unlike the relative simplicity of MineCraft, this game has much better graphics and a great storyline.

Basically, you build a fortress to protect yourself from aliens. If that doesn’t work, then you can blast them to bits.

6. Star Trek

Of course there’s a game for the Star Trek fan. This game became especially popular due to the publicity for the release of the twelfth feature in the franchise, <em>Star Trek: Into Darkness.

7. Routine

This game is horrific and creepy. Set in the outer limits of space, the occupants of a moon base have disappeared and it’s your job to find out why. As you search the corridors, be careful; something seems to be following you.

8. Somewhere

This one’s perfect for people who enjoy the strange and surreal. The object of the game is to construct and navigate through various weird environments.

9. Coma: A Mind Adventure

This game is amazing and surprisingly emotional. You travel through a comatose patient’s mind, deal with his regrets, and search for answers to various tests and riddles. For something pretty unique, this game is a good choice.

10. Alcatraz

Follow the characters as they flee from mobsters and try to escape the notorious San Francisco island prison. This game is fast-paced and features exciting graphics.

These are just some of the amazing games out this year that you will want to have in your gaming arsenal. If you’ve got a reliable Internet connection in the West Sacramento area, download these games┬ánow and you’ll be the envy of your gamer friends.

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