10 High-Tech Gadgets That Save Students Time and Money

College kids are all about saving time and money. College is expensive and with today’s technological demands, students need to have all of the gadgets and gizmos they can get.


The biggest problem for college students who rely heavily on their tablets or phones to take notes (and text in class, of course) is their gadgets running out of steam. In order to help combat the problem of not having an outlet and/or power cord, Voltaic designed a backpack that can help with that specific problem. The backpack is solar powered. Yep, it gets energy from the sun, and has cords on the inside so that whoever is wearing the backpack can hook up their devices and get the devices charged. It’s $150, so it’s not something the average student can splurge on, but it might make a great holiday or birthday gift.


Once the student has a swanky backpack, it’s time to get things to fill it with. Tablets are great for on-the-go, and a variety of note-taking apps and external keyboards makes them a must-have for college kids. They are less bulky than laptops, and they’re available in Apple or, well, non-Apple brands. They are all equally competitive and the new Windows 8 tablet and newest iPads are pretty swanky.  Having a computer is also a must-have tool for research, for those taking online classes or even getting their entire degree from online business administration schools.


Music is huge for college students, and the options in headphones run the gamut. Usually, the campus technology store will have some for $15, or Beats by Dre offers $300+ varieties. It really depends on budget. Another new trend in headphones is wireless headphones that work on Bluetooth. They connect to the device and stream the music right into the user’s ears, loud and clear.

Sleeping – or not

Before students can pack their solar backpacks with their cell phones and tablets, music blaring, they have to be able to get up. And for a mere $40, students can get an alarm clock (named “Clocky”) that is on wheels. Yes, wheels. After one “snooze”, the clock starts its engine and rolls around on the floor, and it doesn’t stop until it’s captured. Although cruel and sadistic, it’s also pretty cool and it might help the student get to class on time.


After chasing a clock around the room, the student will probably have time to make a wholesome breakfast for themselves. Or, at the very least, they can get a 3-in-1 breakfast station that’s perfect for dorm rooms. It features a coffee pot, a toaster oven, and a frying pan on the top for eggs or hash-browns.

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